Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions

  • $25 Per Package
  • Any Size
  • Any Weight
  • Unlimited Days to Hold
  • Flat Rate per box
  • No Tax

So while you are switching screens from pinterest, to etsy and loading up the shopping cart, feel free to store our address. We will happy to hold them and store them. 

Per Package. Any Size, Any Weight,  Flat Rate, No Tax

We will hold your packages in our 2,100 square foot, air conditioned, storage facility for just $25 per package. Any size, any weight, for any amount of days. 

Shipping Details

Is time not on your side? 

Contrary to the Rolling Stones time may not being on your side when you finally come down to tie your knot. So picking up your packages may not be on the agenda or itinerary. No worries, we have thought of that too. We have teamed up with Delivery for the Keys to ensure that your packages can be delivered on time, and in shape. 

Please feel free to contact us using the form below to schedule delivery. 

All Deliveries Must be Scheduled within 7 days 

Shipping Packages

If you are looking for where the best place to ship your packages then look no further.  We offer this service for your convenience to not only your guests but to the couples as well. Most Carrier and holding storage facilities will charge by the day. Chances are, if you are shipping something for a wedding you are going to want to make sure that it arrives sooner than later. Shipping something 3-4 days before your wedding doens't sound practical and trying to time shipping your package sounds like an added stress.  

Payment must be completed upon arrival and pick up or payment can be arranged before arrival. We can choose whichever is least amount upon arrival. EX: If you only have 3 packages then we can pay the $75, If you end up receiving 8 packages then we can pay the $99

Contact Us 

$25 Per Package

Where to Ship Packages

Please Ship all packages to: 1 Bowen Drive, Suite 1, Key Largo, FL 33037


All Packages Must Be Shipped within 6 months of your Event Date: Packages that are stored for longer than 6 months will be billed at $5 per day for each additional package.

You are more than welcome to start shipping packages to us now. All Packages will be stored according to name. When Picking up your package(s), you may call ahead and have it be here at our office available for pick up or you can have it delivered (see below) for your convenience.  


  • All packages are stored by Last Name of both Couples. Failure to do so or mixing names will result in a missed package and/or storing misplacement. 
  • We will not open any package even with authorization. We understand that you are wanting to see colors, sizes, arrangements, ect.. but will not be responsible. All packages shipped will be left up to the buyers discretion. 
  • All payments must be made on either day of pick up or scheduled in advanced. 
  • We are not responsible for any damaged items that may have been made during delivery.
  • All packages must be made within 6 months of event date. Any package stored longer than 6 months will result in a $5 per day charge per package. 

We would like to be prepared for when you are going to start sending us packages. Please feel free to use the form below to fill out your information so we can expect your delivery.