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 Shades of White

 Black Tie

Beach Causal  More ideas on our Pinterest Page 

Beach Formal is also a very common attire that we see. This gives you ideas for a more formal style event but dressing for the elements of the beach such as Sun, wind, water and salt.  

His - He can wear : A summer suit with linen shirt (Tie is Optional) 
Her - She can wear : A formal summer sundress or cocktail dress. 

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Whether you are planning or attending a beach wedding, it is a common question to ask, what do I wear? Is it beach formal, beach casual or a black tie wedding? Some questions to steer you in the right direction are What time of year is it? Is the reception indoors or outdoors?  As a guest to find this information, look to see if the couple has a wedding website or if they placed a dress code on their invitation cards.

You can also get an idea by checking out the wedding venue. Is the wedding venue at a high end resort or a beach cottage, or maybe a fancy or low key restaurant

If it is located at a high end resort or private estate then it might be beach formal.. 

Small cottages, bungalows, and restaurants can and might be beach causal..  Black ties are more uncommon and should be discussed in an open forum. 

Beach Casual is the most common attire that we see at a beach wedding worn by guests. It's comfortable and convenient. 

His - He can wear : Linen shirt, linen pants/shorts or Khakis and sandals 
Her - She can wear : Sundress, short or long and sandals 

Although somewhat uncommon, This gives you a idea of a formal affair - and is laid out as read. Typically a black tie wedding event will be held at a beach ceremony and ballroom reception.

His - He can wear - A tuxedo, or black bow tie 
Her -She can wear - Cocktail dress or long evening gown 

For the Couple : 

You can better inform your guests on what to wear by creating a wedding website and placing the attire information on there or by placing a hint on your wedding invites- see below for the different styles.

Consinder a shoes optional sign to make your guests feel more comfortable about kicking off their shoes.

What to wear to a Beach Wedding or Destination Wedding? 

Black Tie More ideas on our Pinterest Page

Beach Formal  More ideas on our Pinterest Page

Consider the time of year that you are getting married before you pick out an outfit. Even though this is a beach wedding, that does not mean it stays hot. During the winter months it can get very cold and even in spring months an offshore breeze can drop the temperature dramatically, especially if you have been out in the sun all day. 
If you are getting married in the Florida Keys,  check out our calendar page to see what the average temperature is for your wedding day. 

Another Common look is the all white or shades of white with white top and off white or khaki bottoms or a long white sundress. 
All guests are to wear white outfits -

His - He can wear - Breezy Pants and Shirt 
Her - She can wear - Breezy all white dress, short or long.

Beach Shoe Ideas Pinterest

 Soles of your Feet

Depending on your venue, sand can either be packed in and easy to walk on or fluffed and a mission for high heels. . Don't be scared to contact the location to ask questions: What kind of sand do you have, packed in or fluffy? It is a very common question. If it is fluffy sand - no worries all you have to do is make it past the cocktail hour and then kick off your shoes and relax - After all, It is a beach wedding.

Are you the one Planning your Beach Wedding? 

​What to Wear to a Beach Wedding?

 Beach Formal

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How to Fly with your Dress
TSA instructions: 
You can bring a wedding dress through the security checkpoint for screening, but we strongly recommend that it is packed safely in a garment - style bag or other packaging to protect it during the screening process. We also recommend that you contact your airline to determine their policy for bringing and stowing the dress on the airplane, as well as how it fits into their carry on bag. 

Consider contacting a Dry Cleaners to schedule for your dress to be steamed the day before the wedding. 

  Beach Casual

Can I wear high heels in the sand ?   What kind of sand does the property have? Will I have trouble walking around on the Wedding Day?

*These are  common questions*

​​As a guest, one of the first things you ask your self when you are invited to a beach wedding is  " What do I Wear? "