Beach Decor  

Cost $5.00 Each - Conch Shells           

Cost $8.00 Each - Starfish Chair Decor 

Ribbon can be added


Cost $5.00 Per half gallon - Bulk Shells         



Thank you for visiting our page - If you do not see anything you like please contact us directly as we have no problem added decor items or custom making items to place in our inventory 

Chalkboard Crates 

Cost: Price Range - $5.00 - $12.00 Per Crate 

We have all different sizes and style - You can write whatever you like on the crates or we can write something for you.


Beach Decor 

Cost: $20.00 Each - Vase with submerged     shells and floating candle Centerpiece  

Add Rose Petals $5.00 per centerpiece 

Cost: $5.00 Each - Nautical Rope Table Number  

Cost: $12.00 - Lobster Trap Card Holder 

Cost: $2.00 EachSand Dollar Table Number 



Florida Keys Wedding Rentals & Decor 

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 Ceremony and Reception Wedding Decor   

Baskets / Boxes  

Cost: Price Range - $5.00 - $15.00  

We have all different sizes and styles - These are great to use for programs, card boxes, mics decor 


Beach Decor 

Cost : $4.00 Each - Nautical Ball 4" 

Cost: $5.00 Each - Nautical Ball 5" 

Cost: $2.00 - $5.00 Each ​- Starfish 4" to 8" sizes

Available in White or Blue 

Drift Wood comes in all different sizes 

Please ask for price