Tuscan Cross Back Chair 

Cost $10.00 Each 


 These simple yet elegant Cross Back Chairs are sure to impress your wedding guests. 

 They are perfect for any rustic / vintage style wedding decor. They can be used with cushions or without. 

Outdoor Lounge Set - 

Cost: $400.00 - 6 Piece Set 

Add a additional piece for $75.00 each

Includes: Large Lanterns, Palm Trees, Pillows, Blankets if cold, Fans if hot. 

Can be used for your week stay at a private location. 


Ghost Chairs   

With Arms or Without Arms 

Cost $16 

 Looking for a more modern wedding, these will make a big statement in your wedding and will just look fabulous with a ocean back drop   

Bamboo Chairs  

Cost $6.00 Each 

Our Bamboo folding chairs are both stylish and casual perfect for a added beach touch and the dark wood of the chairs goes perfect with the white sand. They can be used with cushions or without.

Baby Highchair - 

Cost: $15.00 Each 

Industrial Silver Chair

Cost:  $16

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Chiavari Chairs - 

Cost $5.00 Each 

Colors Available in - White - Silver - Gold - Mahogany - Clear - Natural - Black 

Elegant and timeless, we have many different colors to match any kind of wedding. Rather beach style or vintage or elegant candlelight.

They can be used with cushions or without.  


Resin Padded Chairs 

Cost $3.00 Each 

Available in Colors -

White - Mahogany - Black - Natural 

Resin Chairs not wood 

These chairs are very common for your ceremony or reception. We can sit them up in all different ways for your ceremony, half moon, traditional style 

South Beach Lounge Set - 

This can be rented as a set or individual 

Cost: $400.00 - White Leather Couch  

Cost: $125.00 - Half Moon Couch  

Cost: $175.00 - Coffee Couch or Table 

Cost: $75.00   - Ottoman Side piece 


Chiavari Cocktail Chairs - 

Cost: $10.00  Each 


Colors Available in - White - Silver - Gold - Mahogany - Clear - Natural - Black 

 Great for a added touch to your cocktail tables - You can fit up to 4 at each cocktail table. 

Florida Keys Wedding Chairs and Furniture