Little Details                                        


Bar & Kitchen 

Chalkboards & Signs                        

Table Settings                                

Lighting, Tents, & Dance Floors

Candles & Lanterns                          

Linens & Napkins                          

Outdoor Restrooms

Chairs & Furniture                            

Dessert & Cake Supplies              

Vintage Furniture 

Extra Decor

Wooden Cross -  

Cost: $75.00  

Free with a Minimum of $500.00 Order 

Flowers Additional Cost

Drift Wood - 2 Post Thick Arbor 

Includes - Fabric 

Cost $250.00

Flowers Additional Cost

Our Natural Drift wood arbor is custom built for each event. You can add more drift wood or make it thinner if you like..  

Birch Wood - 2 Post Wedding Arbor 

Includes - Fabric 

Cost $75.00

Flowers Additional Cost

Ceremony Wedding Arbors 

Ceremony Levels - 3 Levels 

Cost: $450.00 

Attached Arbor Additional Cost 

This is a great idea to give height for your ceremony. So everyone can see, you can adjust to 2 levels if you like as well. 

Ceremony Wedding Outdoor Entrance Doors - 

Cost: $275.00  

Walking down a long aisle but do not want to be seen until the last moment. This is a perfect addition to your wedding ceremony 

Drift Wood - 2 Post Thin Arbor 

Includes - White Fabric 

Cost $175.00

Flowers Additional Cost

Bamboo Wood Arbor

Includes - Fabric 

2 Post : Cost $150.00

4 Post : Cost $250.00

Flowers Additional Cost

Looking for a tropical wedding ? Our Bamboo Arch is perfect for a beach themed wedding in the Florida Keys. Pair them with our Bamboo Chairs 

Driftwood Curved Arbor

Includes - Fabric 

Cost $300.00

Flowers Additional Cost

   Arbors can also be custom made.. Just send us your ideas