Bridal Suite Decor  --------------------------------------- 

Arrangement, Placement, Set-up

Planning a wedding is tough. Being the host is even tougher. Although this will be the time of 

​your life, and we are sure you will have a blast, it will happen very fast. With photography, timeline, dancing, 

and other things to occupy your day, coming back to your bridal suite will seem like a whirlwind. We're here to help. Come into a decorated room with flower petals, champagne, roses, chocolates and/or other munchies that you may request. We have packages starting at $49. Contact us for more info. 

Property Site Tours  --------------------------------------- 

Visit Stunning Venues with us

For $99 we will give you a guided tour of at least 3 properties from Private Houses, Resorts, and Cottages. Don't book something sight unseen if you don't have to. We will be happy to filter out which venues best fit your budget, ideas, and inspiration and show you them once we have finalized our top 3. 

Ship Packages Directly to Us -------------------------

$25 Dollars Per Package 

Any Size, Any Weight, Flat Rate, No Taxes. 

Many couples love planning and decorating their own wedding. We understand. It's fun, It's unique, and It's you. Now sometimes we can go crazy on etsy and pinterest and start realizing how are we going to transport all this stuff. Well, we have a solution. Ship it directly to us. Unlike the Post Office, which will charge per day and on size and weight, You can send as many packages as you wish with only a flat rate. To learn more about holding rates visit our shipping packages page

The Florida Keys Wedding Center is proud to provide you with some convenient services that are normally not often found or easily accessible for your Destination Wedding Event. 

Florida Keys Wedding Services

Wedding Rentals  --------------------------------------- 

Tables, Chairs, Linens, Glassware, Cutlery, Ect... 

From Tables to Chairs to Linens, and everything else in between. We have teamed up with several rental companies as well as several wedding decorators to provide you with all rental items that you may need. We find that getting items from several different companies only makes it more stressful for you. We will also offer discount pricing and no upcharge for these items as well. Please feel free to contact us to see our updated catalog. 

*Helpful Tip- Some venues may already include or have these items. 

Welcome Bags  --------------------------------------- 

Create, Deliver, and Drop off

A wedding welcome bag is a great way for your guests to be treated when they check in to their hotel room. We have created bags with suntan, key chains, hangover kits, fresh fruit, bottles of water and so on. If there is something that you would like to custom create or would like us to create and drop off we can do that for you as well. 

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