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What is a Cottage?

A cottage is usually referred to as a small hotel or “Inn”. Comprised of roughly between 4 and 12 different units that are on the property. Cottages are known to be very quaint and low key and can be hidden gems with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean or the Florida Bay.


What is the Difference?

There are many different reasons people choose a cottage over a hotel or private house to get married. One of the main reasons we find people choose a cottage can be price and flexibility. A cottage usually stipulates that you can rent out all the rooms and avoid a site fee or have a minimal site fee compared to a Resort. Most cottages have the flexibility to hire your own vendors and bring in everything from the outside which can be a plus if you are budgeting for food and beverage and maybe want minimal décor. Cottages also allow more guests to stay on site compared to a private house. A private house usually only has one location where all guests can sleep.


The best time to schedule tours, if possible, is 30 minutes before Sunset so you can see the property during the day and see what the property has to offer for lighting at night. Most of these properties have no or minimal lighting so to be able to see it at night will give you a better understanding on what areas need to be added. Pay attention to the venue as a whole: Check out everything, including the restrooms, the foyer, the dressing rooms, the outdoor lighting. You want to be sure your vision can be realized at this location. Take plenty of pictures and write as you are visiting the pros and cons on each property.


Questions I should Ask?

These should be some obvious questions when inquiring at a cottage or that should be listed on a contract. 

* What is the wedding site fee?

* What does the site fee include?

* What is the deposit amount and is it refundable?

* What is the maximum wedding guest amount?

* How many guest(s) in total can the venue sleep ?- This will give you an idea of how many of your wedding guests that can actually stay on site and how many will need alternative accommodations. 

* What is the average nightly rate and do you offer discounts for my guests? 

* Additional Events: Can you host your Rehearsal Dinner here as well as brunch, if so, is there an additional site fee charge?

Additional Questions:


*  Is there Lighting on the property or do we need to bring lighting in from an outside vendor?

-  Not having lighting available can add to an additional cost you were not expecting 


* Is there an outdoor restroom that guests can use -  

TIP: You should have at least 2-3 restrooms per 100 people.
-  Not having any restrooms available for guest can add to an additional cost that you were not expecting 

Parking / Transportation 

* Is there parking on site? If so, is it complimentary? About how many cars can fit onsite?
-  Not having onsite parking available can add to an additional cost in transportation you were not expecting. 

Music / Cut off Time

* Can the venue accommodate a DJ or live band? What time does the vendor music have to be shut off? Can we plug in our own music system after the cut off time?

Check where the outlets are located in your event space, because that will help you figure out where the band/DJ can set up and where other vendors can hook up their equipment. You don’t want the head table to block the only outlet outdoors.

* Do you have an Ice Machine on site that can provide ice for my event, do you have coolers that are available? 


* If you are set on having a wedding venue that offers sunsets, be sure to ask where does the sun set during the time of year you are considering, some couples are set on having a sunset ceremony but depending on the time of year and property you might not be able to see it.

* What is the policy for garbage removal for the day of my event? This is something you should inform your Caterer/Bar.


 * Can I hire my own vendors (caterer, coordinator, DJ, etc.), or must I select from a preferred vendor list? 

TIP: Check out our listed vendors.  All of our vendors are licensed and insured and most are local, so they likely have already worked on the property before.

Download our Questionnaire to take with you while you are visiting appointments at the Florida Keys Cottages

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