4.) Wild Bird Center

If you're looking for a short nice filled afternoon to get away for an hour or two then I would highly recommend the Wild Bird Center. This is a Free Center (Donations are Greatly Appreciated) that rehabilitates injured birds and brings them back to life and released back into the wild. From Owls to Egrets it is sure to have a nice way to spend an hour or two. 


Our Top 5 Attractions for Key Largo

The good news is  Key Largo really tries to focus on one thing and one thing only. RELAX.  While our main focus should be watching the tide go in and out, or creating the perfect sunkissed tan, there are quite a few things to do along the way. Some of which are not expensive at all. 

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5.) Seeing the Sunset 

If the wedding venue that you are attending is not on the bayside, then catching the sunset is a must see. As there are numerous ways to do this activity holding a cold drink in your hand seems to work the best regardless of how you do it. Some of the best ways to see the sunset are taking a sunset cruise on a private charter. Also going to a local restaurant on the bayside and having a couple cocktails is a great idea as well. 

2.) Christ of the Abyss 

The Florida Keys are World Famous for their  Reefs. And if you only had time to do one thing while you are down here, we suggest going to see them. The Christ of the Abyss is definitely an icon and can be seen on most brochures or pamphlets promoting Key Largo. This site is considered the most famous and dived sites in the world.  The Statue is located 6 miles East in the John Pennekamp State Park. Great for both Snorkelers and divers this site is definitely worth a look at while hanging out in Key Largo. 

Florida Keys Attractions

3.) Swim with the Dolphins

If you can get a chance to break away during your loved ones destinational dream wedding, going to swim with the dolphins should definitely be on your priority list.  This would be a great day to be spent with a family or significant other.  If swimming with them is not ideal these places below will allow you to interact with them, learn more about them, and feed them. 

1.) John Pennekamp State Park

If you're looking to get it all done in one shot then Pennekamp State Park may be a great place to start. Known as the Worlds First Underwater State Park,  John Pennekamp has something to offer for everyone. You can fish from designated areas, enjoy walking nature trails, swimming and snorkeling on the beach and visiting their 30,000 saltwater fish tank. Trips can be taken out of John Pennekamp as well whether you're wanting to see the reefs via glass bottom boat, snorkeling, or diving.